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do U.S. online poker sites pay out in 2015?

do usa poker sites pay 2015Updated: October, 2017 - I was just looking through my traffic stats to see what keywords people are searching for to find this website. I've repeatedly seen search phrases like "Do online poker sites really pay out in 2015" or "Do U.S. poker rooms really pay" or "Are USA online poker sites a scam 2015". Many of you will think that these questions are silly but for someone new to Internet poker and online gambling they are completely logical questions. It must be said that there are some U.S. poker sites online in 2015 that are untrustworthy. The bulk of USA poker sites in 2015 are perfectly safe and completely legit. I only promote online poker rooms for U.S. players that have fast payouts in 2015. There may be one or two USA friendly real money poker sites that high great traffic but they are not listed here because they pay out slowly. I would rather list a medium sized poker site with quick payouts than a large poker room with slow payouts. Luckily, most Americans have left the poker sites that have slow withdrawals. Rooms like Lock Poker have been virtually abandoned and quick paying rooms like Bovada, Betonline and the others listed below have grown considerably. So, do these US poker rooms pay out in 2015? Of course.

Millions of American poker players, sports bettors and casino gamblers deposit and cashout from Bovada alone each month and they have been doing so for nearly 15 years. If this poker room didn't pay out they could hardly have survived for so long and they certainly wouldn't boast 20,000 players logged in during peak hours. Consistent, fast cashouts have turned rooms like Bet Online Poker, Sportsbetting Poker and Pokerhost into the top US poker sites in 2015. A year or two ago many of these rooms were small to medium sized but now they are the largest online poker sites for Americans.

US Poker Site Special Bonus Offers - October, 2017
US Payouts
Bonus Link
us poker sites 2015 250% bonus to $2,500 + risk free bets
12-72 hours
u.s.a. poker sites October, 2015 150% up to $1,500, 20% instant Cashback, $1k MTT ticket
24-72 hours
2015 poker sites for us players 200% bonus to $2,500 + Cashback
12-72 hours
do online poker sites pay out 2015 200% to $5,000, 35% CB, DTB membership ($30/m value)
5-10 days
2015 us poker rooms 100% bonus to $1,000, Four $250 MTT Tickets
5-10 days
do us poker rooms really pay in 2015 100% bonus to $1,000, 100% reload & $10 on B-day
2-5 days

how to make sure an online poker room pays out and is legit?

Just because I said that our featured US poker rooms are completely legit and pay out doesn't make it so. If every claim on the Internet was true every woman could be skinny and every person would be a millionaire. I'm sure you have all seen ads for magic diet pills and the get rich quick ebooks. So how can you make sure that these online poker sites pay out to all players? How do you know that these USA poker sites are not scams? Well, you research. There are big poker forums that have payout threads for each of these poker rooms. You can find them by Googling terms like "Bovada Poker payout thread 2015". In these threads there are countless players reporting on the status of their payouts. You'll see posts saying:

"US - check
req: 1/21
app: 1/22
rec: 1/26"

This would mean that the it took Bovada five days - from request to check delivery - to pay this American via check.

There is another good indication that these poker sites are safe and always pay you. As you may know three US states have legalized online poker; Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. NJ is a large state so I will use them as an example. There are a few Internet poker rooms operating in NJ in 2015; Party Poker, 888 Poker and Borgata Poker. Americans have to physically be in the state of New Jersey to play poker for real money. These poker rooms are licensed and regulated by the state. They must adhere to strict rules and regulations regarding fairness and such. You would think that most NJ residents would opt to play at a fully legal US poker room like Borgata Poker or since they would never have to worry about these companies running out of money. The US government monitors their bank accounts and such to ensure that every cent of player funds is accounted for and protected. Yet despite all of this 95% of the people who could play at these licensed poker rooms continue to play at rooms like Bovada, Betonline and the others listed above. There are around 6-7 licensed US poker rooms in 2015 and if you added them all together they would not even be half the size of the smallest US room listed above or even 10% of the size of Bovada Poker, the biggest US poker site in 2015.

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