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fullFlush poker review 2015 - bonus

full flush poker review 2015

Updated: October, 2017 - There have not been many new U.S. poker sites lately so the recent launch of Full Flush Poker is kind of a big deal. FullFlush is a skin on some poker network with dozens of other similar poker rooms. FullFlushPoker is the flagship poker room on the new Equity Poker Network in 2015. There are a couple of other new poker rooms on this network with FullFlush but they have not contributed any traffic or anything so it is safe to say that FullFlushPoker is the Equity Poker Network at this time. Usually it would take a year or two and hundreds of thousands of dollars for new online poker site to go from launch to 500 peak players. FullFlush Poker has certainly invested the money but they have went from launch to over 1,000 peak players in a matter of months. Limited options in the U.S. poker market, lots of free poker money, ease deposit options and some of the fastest U.S. poker withdrawals in 2015 have jump-started Full Flush Poker. is the Internet's top guide to the FullFlush poker room in 2015. Our Full Flush Poker review in October, 2015, download and bonus code pages will cover every important aspect of this USA friendly poker room and casino in 2015. Here are some other online poker rooms for USA citizens in 2015.

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fullflush poker review 2015 -fullflush bonuses, download

full flush review 2015 fullflush casino review 2015
FullFlushPoker table FullFlushPoker Casino Game

This 2015 FullFlush Poker review, bonus code guide and download page will give you a quick overview of this exciting new US poker site in 2015. Pokerscout reports that Full Flush Poker's traffic - which is also the Equity Poker Network's traffic - during the month of October in 2015 peaks at 1,200 players. This makes FullFlush Poker the 6th largest US poker room. It also makes the Equity Poker Network the 5th largest USA friendly poker network in 2015. They have accomplished this is a matter of months so it is almost certain that they will be in the top three by 2015. There are some limitations to playing at The platform only has Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha HL. This will not be a problem for 95% of poker players but I happen to be one of the 5% who like to play other card games. Perhaps a software upgrade will resolve this issue. I have posted a screenshot of this platform above. Our Full Flush Poker download link and affiliate link to their web site's home page - - has an exclusive bonus offer embedded into it.

This 2015 Full Flush Poker download guide will help you through the sign up process. I have been told that if you click my link to visit FullFlush initially you will not have to enter one of our FullFlush Poker bonus codes in October of 2015 because the bonuses will be automatically credited. It still won't hurt to use the bonus code anyway. Just make sure that if you have visited FullFlush recently to clear your web history before you click our link, simply to ensure that you receive our exclusive welcome package instead of the generic bonus everyone else receives.

Full Flush Poker Bonus Codes In 2015 - FullFlush deposit bonuses, reloads, cashback and Coins

fullflush poker bonus code October 2015It takes a lot of incentives for a brand new online poker room to grow so large so quickly. One of the important factors has been the bonuses, free money, cashback, FullFlush Promo Bucks and FullFlush Coins. There are quite a few tokens, coins, points, rings, bars, rubies and such that you will receive when you play at in October, 2015. Some of these are like frequent player points but others are completely unique to Full-Flush Poker. You will even receive some of these things for free when you use our link to visit FullFlush and sign up. The image to the left displays my balance overview at FullFlush. Dollars is obviously real money, Promo Bucks are basically money you can use to buy into regular tournaments and Copper Coins are MTT entry tokens that will enable you to play in these high value ($10+) private tournaments at Full Flush Poker. Here is an overview of our FullFlush Poker bonus codes in 2015, bonuses, free coins, free Promo Bucks and cashback.

  • DEPFROLL - Use this bonus code in 2015 for 10 Copper Coins. These can be used to enter $500 tourneys with extremely small playing fields, making each coin worth $5-$10, based on the value you are getting. An example would be a $500 MTT with 60 players in it. This would mean that each entry was worth $8.33. Your odds of winning free cash are great with these tournaments.
  • NEW150 - This Fullflush bonus code grants you a 150% bonus up to $600. You also get a cash credit, see more below.
  • 20BACK - This bonus code is in addition to the 150% bonus. Make your first deposit and your account will be credited with the 150% bonus in your bonus account, your deposit and an extra 20% in real cash that is instantly available in your real money account. So let's say you make a $300 first deposit. Your bonus will be $450 and you will have the $300 plus an extra $60 in your account, for $360 total.

So long as you used our tracking link to visit FullFlush and sign up you will receive the 10 Copper Coins, 150% bonus and the 20% instant cash credit. That's not all though. You will also receive 2,200 Full Flush Poker Promo Bucks. They can be used to buy into virtually any of FullFlush's real money tournaments. Each Promo Buck is worth $.01 so this is worth a total of $22.00, in addition to the benefits listed above.

Is Full Flush Poker Safe In 2015? Does Pay Out?

The rapid growth at Full Flush Poker, their fast payouts and their continual investment into player rewards is a sure sign that is safe. PokerHost - one of the Internet's oldest poker rooms - recently left the long established and larger Merge Network to join with Full Flush on the Equity Poker Network. That really speaks volumes. You don't run successful US poker site - as Poker Host has - for 14 years straight by making bad calls or partnering with shady companies. PokerHost's move to Equity tells me that some of the most experienced businessmen in the US poker market believe that Full Flush Poker and the Equity Poker Network will become larger and more successful than Carbon Poker and the Merge Gaming Network. Is Full Flush Poker safe in 2015? Yes. Does Full Flush Poker pay out? Yes, and faster than almost anyone else, as outlined below.

equity poker network review 2015 - background info - fullflush poker overview

full-flush poker roomThis section is just going to be a mini review of Full Flush Poker in 2015 and a guide to the Equity Poker Network (EPN). I will start with the Equity Network. This poker network was launched for real money action in November of 2013. This network uses a customized poker software developed for the Hero Poker room. Hero Poker went on to join a network and so they no longer needed their unique poker client. The Equity Poker Network acquired this client and have invested time and resources into improving it. To be completely honest it is a platform designed for playing poker, not chatting with buddies. There are some cool features but the emphasis was place on it being fast and functional. In the last few months the EPN has made the news several times when companies have announced that they are joining this new poker network. With online poker already being legal in several U.S. states it certainly is a good time to launch a new poker network. FullFlushPoker is currently the big dog on the EPN. Around 95% of EPN's traffic are FullFlush customers. A few other new rooms setting up shop on this network are Gear Poker, Poker Hiro and Heritage Sports. The Equity Poker Network is owned by Clive Archer, who is also the CEO of Full Flush Poker. He has also worked with Betonline, another popular US poker site in 2015 and several other rooms and sportsbooks.

FullFlush Poker Banking Options In October, 2015

equity poker network review 2015The banking options at Full Flush Poker are the main attraction. Americans can use Visa, Moneygram and Western Union to deposit. The deposit methods are average but withdrawals are exceptional. Many US poker rooms "process" a payment for several weeks. Processing is another way of saying that they are putting your payout on the back burner for a few weeks as a matter of course. Full Flush Poker takes a different and unique approach. They have cut down this arbitrary processing time to 24 hours, guaranteed. Some methods do require a longer processing time - like bank wires and cashier's checks - but the most common U.S. cashout methods have the 24-hour processing guarantee. This includes check payouts delivered by Fedex, Moneygram and Western Union. The withdrawal fees at FullFlush are in line with Bovada Poker's and Betonline Poker's. That concludes this 2015 review and guide.

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