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pokerstars deposit bonus code in October 2015

2015 pokerstars deposit bonus code

Updated: October, 2017 - There are several Pokerstars deposit bonus codes in October of 2015 that you will want to use. If you are lucky or very skilled at poker you may only need to use one of these bonus codes at Pokerstars. Fish like me tend to make deposit after deposit with the basic idea that our online poker career and piles of money will result from just one more deposit. Surely this is the last deposit I will ever need to make! Two hours later we are saying the same and wondering why we didn't just make one big deposit instead of several small deposits since we would claim a lot more bonus money that way. This is how it goes at other online poker sites in 2015 but not at Pokerstars. People tend to make a small deposit when they first sign up at a room, even though there is typically just an initial deposit bonus.

Poker Stars has solved this problem by issuing several bonus codes to a few select affiliates. When you sign up through us you can make that small initial deposit and still claim a big bonus later. Our Pokerstars deposit bonus codes in October , 2015 do even better than that though. Our first Pokerstars bonus code will credit your account with an instant $20 cash credit. This is not bonus money to be earned, it is real money that you can play with. So if you entered our October 2015 Pokerstars marketing code PSP11820 when you created your account and go on to enter the Pokerstars deposit code FREE20 when you make your first deposit of $20 (or more) you will receive $40 in your real money account.

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Just a $20 deposit will let you sit with $40 at a cash game or buy into one of the $40 buy-in mega tournaments or sitngos at Pokerstars in 2015. $20 isn't much, even if it is a cash credit instead of a bonus that you have to clear. That is why we have more Pokerstars deposit bonus codes in 2015. On your next three deposits you can use the deposit bonus code STARS600 to claim a 100% match bonus up to $600. Three $200 deposits will give you the full $600 bonus. Our marketing and bonus codes for in 2015 also offer other incentives. Follow the directions below to get started.

October 2015 Pokerstars deposit bonus code directions:

  • Step 2 - Run the software and click on the Create Account button.
  • Step 3 - There is a pull-down menu at the bottom of the initial sign up screen. Choose "Marketing Code" and a new box will appear under. Enter in the October,2015 Pokerstars marketing code PSP11820 and finish creating your new Pokerstars account.
  • Step 4 - One the deposit screen enter the Poker Stars deposit code in October, 2015: FREE20. This gives you the free $20 in poker chips instantly.
  • Step 5-7 - On future deposits enter the Pokerstars bonus code for October, 2015: STARS600. This gives you the 100% match bonuses. This deposit code can be used 3 times.


Other other Pokerstars bonus code perks for 2015 include tickets to the new depositor MTTs. Pokerstars also runs many freeroll tournaments. Once you have claimed all of the bonuses you should have earned a decent number of VPP Points. The Pokerstars VIP program in 2015 is unrivaled. There are two sets of free cash credits you can claim. Here is a table for the first set. These are called Stellar Rewards:

pokerstars bonus codes October 2015


The next set is called the Milestone Cash Credits and they are massive. Be sure to use our marketing code and the various deposit bonus codes for Pokerstars in October of 2015.

poker stars deposit codes October 2015

New Pokerstars Bonuscode October of 2015

This page is automatically updated with the best current Pokerstars bonuscode each month in 2015. So the Pokerstars deposit bonus codes in January, February and March of 2015 that are listed here are active and provide the best Poker Stars deposit bonuses. We may even offer a Pokerstars no deposit bonus code in 2015 from time to time.

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