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pokerstars marketing code in October 2015

October 2015 pokerstars maketing code

Updated: October, 2017 - Pokerstars often confuses new players because there are two separate codes you must enter to claim the best bonuses. Many of the online guides explaining how the Pokerstars marketing code and Pokerstars bonus codes work in October, 2015 are outdated. This page was created in 2015 and is updated whenever Poker Stars alters the special welcome benefits they have agreed to give new players who have entered out marketing and bonus codes. The October 2015 Pokerstars marketing code PSP11820 is the first code that needs to be entered.

This is entered on the first registration page, as shown above. We are allowed to give our players several bonuses so you can pick and choose which Poker Stars bonus codes in October , 2015 that you want to use. Here are the directions for using our Pokerstars marketing code in 2015, a list of valid bonus codes and an overview of the money and perks associated with each code. Please note: Poker Stars does NOT accept U.S. players in 2015.

Claim No Deposit Bonus At Pokerstars Partner Room: Full Tilt Poker

Poker Site Special no-deposit & first deposit bonus offers - October, 2017
Bonus Link
pokerstars bonuscode October $600 bonus + many more perks

October, 2015 Pokerstars marketing code directions:

October 2015 Pokerstars marketing & bonus code directions:

After you have created your account and verified your email you can make a deposit. This is when our exclusive bonus codes for Poker Stars in May 2015 should be entered. Which codes you use will depend on how much you are depositing.

Which Pokerstars bonus codes should I use in October, 2015

I usually tell people to claim the free $20 cash credit and freeroll tickets first. Then on your 2nd and 3rd deposit you can claim the $600, or as much of it as you want. Please remember that you must enter our Poker Stars marketing code for October of 2015: PSP11820, when you created your account at PS. The bonuscode Pokerstars players should use first is more likely the free $20 code. You can always claim the $600 on later deposits.

October 2015 Marketing code for, & other sites

People from countries with independent Pokerstars websites - like for Italians or for French players - often ask me if my bonus and marketing codes for Pokerstars in October of 2015 are valid for them too. The answer is YES for the marketing code and NO for the bonus codes. PSP11820 is a universal Poker Stars marketing code so you can use it anywhere. Each country like France ( and Italy ( have their own laws and regulations regarding bonuses so the deposit bonuses there might be different. The best thing for you to do is to use our marketing code when signing up and then visiting the promotions page on the Poker Stars web site in question. The bonus codes may be the same or they may be different.

Pokerstars alternatives for U.S. Players In October of 2015
US Poker Site Special Bonus Offers - October, 2017
US Payouts
Bonus Link
2015 marketing code 250% bonus to $2,500 + risk free bets
12-72 hours
u.s.a. poker sites October, 2015 150% up to $1,500, 20% instant Cashback, $1k MTT ticket
24-72 hours
pokerstars marketing code 2015 200% bonus to $2,500 + Cashback
12-72 hours
marketing code for poker stars 2015 200% to $5,000, 35% CB, DTB membership ($30/m value)
5-10 days
best code 100% bonus to $1,000, 100% reload & $10 on B-day
2-5 days

where to enter the October, 2015 poker stars marketing code

It is currently unknown if Pokerstars will be listed on our U.S. poker sites in 2015 page. It is worth mentioning that ACR is our top US poker site with rakeback in 2015, something has never allowed. If legal online poker comes to the USA, Pokerstars will be one of the first rooms to get a licence. If Poker Stars does accept U.S. players in 2015 they will certainly be the number one poker room. They will also top our list of the best US poker rooms for Mac in 2015 and our list of poker site no deposit bonuses in 2015 . The Pokerstars marketing code in October , 2015 will be the same as this year's code: PSP11820. This marketing code is different from the 2015 Pokerstars bonus code: STARS600. I will explain the differences below. has a download link that you will want to click on if you are interested in playing poker online for money. After you download and install the 2015 version of the Poker Stars software it will automatically load. Once you are running the poker client you will need to create a new account and this will where the Pokerstars marketing code in 2015 needs to be entered.

You can click on the "sign up" or "log in" button within the Pokerstars client. Obviously you do not have a user name and password yet but you will see a link that says "Register now" or "Signup", click this. This will open the registration page. You will enter basic information like preferred poker table screen name, your name and your email address. At the bottom of the sign up form you will see a spot that says something like "How did you hear about Pokerstars?". Under this there will be a pull-down menu. There are about a dozen things to choose from in the pull down menu but you want to choose the option that says "marketing code". Choosing that option will create a field to enter a code. Just enter our Pokerstars marketing code for 2015: PSP11820. Once this is done you can finish up and validate your email address.

I do not know which special promotions and bonuses we will be giving players who entered our marketing code for Poker Stars in 2015. It may be that you will be able to play in exclusive real money tournaments, without having to pay an entry fee. Or we could have something else entirely.

I do know for certain that if you plan on depositing and playing for real money we will have a big bonus for you. There is just one more code to enter if this is the case. The Pokerstars bonus code in October of 2015 is STARS600. This code gives a 100% bonus up to $600. If you do not claim the full $600 on your initial deposit at you can use this bonus code on your second and third deposit. All bonus money will be added to previous bonuses. Our October, 2015, Pokerstars marketing code may have other incentives for depositors, like new depositor freerolls. I will update this page when I know for sure.

Upcoming Pokerstars codes:


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